• Goodbye Snowdon, hello Yr Wyddfa
    The Snowdonia National Park Authority decided in November 2022 to use the Welsh names Yr Wyddfa (for the mountain Snowdon) and Eryri (for the region of Snowdonia). This will apply ‘in both Welsh and English contexts’. https://snowdonia.gov.wales/paper-on-place-names-principles-approved-in-order-to-safeguard-and-celebrate-welsh-place-names-within-the-national-park/ According to a press report, the Authority will: It will be interesting to see whether this change will… Continue reading Goodbye Snowdon, hello Yr Wyddfa
  • You can vote for the Oxford Word of 2022
    Oxford University Press is letting the public help decide on the Oxford Word of the Year for 2022.   Oxford’s lexicographers are giving the public 3 candidates, defined at https://global.oup.com/news-items/homepage/vote?cc=gb&WT.ac=vote: Voting Voting will close on 2 December 2022 and OUP plans to announce the winner on 5 December. You can vote at https://languages.oup.com/word-of-the-year/2022 OUP comments… Continue reading You can vote for the Oxford Word of 2022
  • Accents and Social Mobility in Britain
    A recent report shows that accent bias still exists in the UK and is a barrier to social mobility. The report is Speaking Up: Accents and Social Mobility, issued by the Sutton Trust in November 2022. https://www.suttontrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Accents-and-social-mobility.pdf Accent bias is rating people less favourably just because they speak with an accent that is not ‘standard’… Continue reading Accents and Social Mobility in Britain

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