Leaning out of windows

Curious update on the warning signs I remember from many European train journeys in the 70s and 80s. Now the English and German versions still warn us not to lean out of the window:

Nicht Hinauslehnen
It is dangerous to lean out.

Though I’m fairly sure the English version used to be more direct, something like do not lean out of the window.

The Italian and French versions are shown in the other photo, though in real life they were alongside the German and English versions on the same set of window frames. But now they tell the French and Italian speakers not to throw ANY object out of the window:

Non gettate alcun oggetto dal finestrino
Ne Jetez aucun objet par la fenêtre

So we’ve lost ne pas se pencher dehors (do not lean out) and the magnificent and unforgettable E pericoloso sporgersi (it is dangerous to lean out).

Is this inconsistency between the two sets of signs a commentary on differing behaviours of different national (or linguistic) groups, or just incompetence at the wagon shop?

I took these pictures in August 2013 on a rail trip to Provence and Liguria.

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