Tea: a cappuccino?

Looking for tea on this menu, I eventually found it nestling alongside cappuccino. Difficult to think of two hot drinks that have less in common with each other. In this case, the only common feature was the price. Despite this unpromising beginning, the tea was fine…

Below, from the same menu, an alarming disclaimer: the pictures are only figurative. (Most alarmingly of all, the German version: “Alle Photos sind nur bildlich.”) There must be some deep philosophical point about whether it is reasonable to expect any correspondence between the appearance of pictures in menus and the reality of the food.

(Sorry about the poor quality of the photos below. Taken at  Lido Degli Ulivi Toscolano Maderno, Lake Garda, Italy, 19 August 2016)

And a quick reminder: if you want real tea in Italy, always specify that your want the caldo (hot tea). If you just ask for the, you might well get cold tea from a bottle.

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