6 months in the blogosphere

I started this blog in April. I intended to produce about 3 posts a week, so that each post would stay on the front page about a week. I’ve managed to do that throughout the first 6 months. In total, I posted 104 items in the first 6 months.

In fact, while I was doing my Scandinavian challenge, I managed to do a daily post on the challenge for 39 consecutive days—as well as a post on other topics every 3rd day, so Scandinavian stuff wouldn’t fill up the front page. For my Scandinavian challenge, please see Challenge: Scandinavian Archives – Language Miscellany

I’ve tried to write a mix of different things, in a variety of styles and at various levels. I aim to keep doing that.

A couple of tips on using the site:

  • you can sign up to alerts from the Home page and also from the Contact page.
  • the easiest way to navigate the site is to use the tags. I tag each post. You can click on the tags to find other posts carrying the same tag. As an example, here is where you will get if you click on the tag Fun. Fun Archives – Language Miscellany
    There is a tag cloud near the foot of both the Home page and the Blog page. This displays the tags I have used most often.
  • you can comment on a post using a box after the post. I welcome comments. There is already a small hard core of regular commentators. (Thank you to all of them!) I would love to see more people commenting.
    Both the Home page and Blog page list the 5 most recent comments.
  • the Home page and Blog page both also display a list of the 5 most popular posts. (I haven’t been able to work out what algorithm determines how popular a post is!)

I’m trying to write about everything that fascinates me about English, other languages and language in general. That’s a lot of things, so I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface. Please keep coming back to this blog. I’m sure you’ll find plenty here to interest, entertain and delight you.

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