Menu again

This restaurant in Madrid in 2017 served some unexpected translation delights.

Here’s the first delicacy. “Dorada a la Bilbaina”‘ translated as “goldfish to the Bilbaina”.
1. I love the thought of a restaurant serving goldfish. But dorada is gilt-head bream.
2. “a la X” of course means “X style”. “to the” is a peculiarly poor literal translation.
3. Just copying the word Bilbaina into English is a singularly unhelpful way of saying that the style is question is Bilbao style.

Delicacies in this section include lamb leg boneless oven, delights of the Iberian pig and a couple more instances of “a la” translated absurdly literally yet again as “to the”.

This “especially menu” (menu especial) includes “broken eggs”‘(huevos rotos).

At first I thought huevos rotos must be some kind of scrambled eggs. but it turns out that they are a well known Madrid speciality: eggs lightly fried, with the yolk then broken open over fried potatoes. So perhaps that part of the translation isn’t too bad.

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