More on cat noir

In an earlier post, I discussed possible reasons for how my 4-year-old granddaughter pronounces the name of a TV cartoon character called Cat Noir. Cat Noir: how children learn non-native sounds – Language Miscellany

Having recently watched a few episodes with my grandsons (her cousins), I now realise where she gets the pronunciation from. The TV series was written in French, but was dubbed into English by voice artists with American accents. They pronounce Noir the same way my granddaughter does. So, she must have picked that up from them. For more on the series, please see Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Wikipedia

Interestingly, though, my elder granddaughter (6 years, 7 months) doesn’t pronounce it like that, she pronounces it like many other speakers of British English, as I said in my earlier post. And my grandsons (7 years, 0 months and 4 years, 7 months) also pronounce it in the British way. Clearly, 3 of the 4 children are not relying on the pronunciation they hear on the show. They must be getting input from somewhere else, too—presumably, their parents.

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