Do you want help with palindromes?

A palindrome is a sequence of letters that reads the same backwards as it does forwards. Palindromes can be a single word or a sequence of words. Well known English examples are ‘civic’ (a single word) and ‘Madam, I’m Adam’ (a whole sentence—albeit with internal punctuation disregarded).

If you want some help in composing palindromes, you might want to look at the website This contains the following tools:

  • Franklin’s Palindromedary: an organised set of words ‘optimized for palindromes’. It provides various lists: of single words and their reverses; of reversed words and their underlying original single words; of single words whose reverses are also single words; of single word palindromes; and of verbs and their reverses.
  • An online Palindrome Composer. If you enter a word, this tool presents a choice of splits and words matching the chosen split.

To use these tools, you must register for membership, which is free.

Examples of palindromes

Here is a link to some palindromes in various European languages.

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