Pick a name to make people trust your product

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on people called “miners” to make the system work. Close relatives of cryptocurrencies are something called cryptotokens. The people that make cryptotokens work—and allegedly trustworthy—are called “forgers”. Not sure this was the best choice of word to make people trust this mad idea.


  1. Somehow the name Coca-Cola has stuck for more than a century even though its main ingredient – the coca leaf – is well known as the source of the narcotic cocaine. In fact, it’s “illegal to bring coca leaves into the United States for any purpose, including for use for brewing tea or for chewing”. [https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-725?language=en_US]. Still, since 1886 we drink Coca-Cola.

    Your adjective “mad” is the perfect descriptor for the idea behind cryptocurrencies.

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