Solvenian, Croatian and Serbian words in context

I came across an on-line tool that generates lists of similar words (or phrases) and synonyms for 3 languages: Slovenian (SL), Croatian (HR) and Serbian (SR). Here’s how to use it:

  • go to
  • select the language you want.
  • enter a word in the search box and hit enter (or select one of the small number of example searches listed just below the search box).

The results display for each word (or phrase):

  • a list of similar words and synonyms, apparently generated by AI from some various corpuses.
  • the word’s frequency and degree of resemblance to the search term. The default listing is in decreasing order of resemblance (as a percentage). You can change this to list in decreasing frequency by clicking on the head of the column showing frequency.
  • some example sentences containing that word.

This seems a useful tool. I haven’t come across similar tools for other languages yet.

Croatian and Serbian are closely-related languages. They are successors (alongside Bosnian and Montenegrin) to what was once known as Serbo-Croat.
Like Croatian and Serbian, Slovenian is a South Slavonic language.

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