Endangered Alphabets Sudoku

The Endangered Alphabets project is about to publish Endangered Alphabets Sudoku. This is a book of Sudoku puzzles. Instead of numerals, it uses letters from endangered languages.

Other items produced by the project include:

  • Endangered Alphabets Word Search Puzzles
  • Glagolitic Abbey—a clue-based board game introducing the ancient Glagolitic script in the context of a treasure-hunt in a 13th-century abbey. Glagolitic was once used in writing some Slavonic languages.
  • Ulus: Legends of the Nomads—a tabletop game introducing traditional Mongolian culture, mythology, history, language and script and incorporating authentic indigenous elements and artwork. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/324785/ulus-legends-of-the-nomads  

For more on alphabets, please see:

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