Non-meant or intended

On some tickets we bought the other day, the terms and conditions say: ‘Tickets are non-refundable or transferable’. Now, I know what they meant to say, but they didn’t achieve it. They intended to say (1). (1) Tickets are not refundable and not transferable. They could also have expressed that meaning with (2). (2) Tickets…… Continue reading Non-meant or intended

4 types of adjective

One way to classify adjectives is into 2 categories: intersective and non-intersective, with 3 subcategories of non-intersective adjective (subsective, plain and privative). Intersective adjectives An example of an intersective adjective is carnivorous in ‘carnivorous mammal’. This describes something that is both a mammal and carnivorous. The set of carnivorous mammals is the intersection of 2…… Continue reading 4 types of adjective

The lower of one thing or the lower of 2 things?

Which conjunction do English speakers use with the comparative form of adjectives to describe a test applied to 2 nouns in order to select one of those nouns?  I have the impression that American English uses, for example, ‘the lower of A or B’ where British English uses ‘the lower of A and B’. I…… Continue reading The lower of one thing or the lower of 2 things?