• Persistence of memory
    I was musing recently on how I remember names of people I haven’t seen for many years. That led on to thinking about how we remember vocabulary. In this short post, I mention 3 aspects of memory for names and words. Memory for names I’ve always had a good memory for names. I never had… Continue reading Persistence of memory
  • Multiple use of an inapt adjective
    Every Saturday, The Times carries a Feedback column, which often discusses issues of English language style and usage. One topic covered on 3 February 2024 was the adjective multiple. A reader had objected to a report stating that Britons were buying lunchtime meal deals ‘multiple times a week’. The reader asked whether The Times has… Continue reading Multiple use of an inapt adjective
  • The Uralic Languages
    According to Kiefer and Laakso (2014), there is a general consensus that there are 6 main branches of Uralic: The Uralic family is not part of the Indo-European language family, though speakers of the 2 ancestral languages and their descendant languages have been in contact for several thousand years and these contacts have affected languages… Continue reading The Uralic Languages

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