Anglicised Germany

Here is a link to a map of German in which the place names have all been translated into pseudo-English. Some I particularly like:

  • Frankford-on-the-Other = Frankfurt an der Oder
  • Colne = Cologne / Köln
  • Cosersludder = Kaiserslautern (I’ve been told the American troops stationed near Kaiserslautern call it K-Town.)
  • Charlesrow = Karlsruhe
  • Slot Newswanston = Schloss Neuschwanstein
  • Bath-Wirdberry = Baden-Württemburg
  • for the name of the country: Teechland = Deutschland
  • In another country, Swith = Switzerland (Die Schweiz):
    • Bile = Basel / Bale
    • Turry = Zurich
  • and of course: Littembury = Luxembourg

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It is from a Facebook page TeutonicTongues

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