Writing indigenous names in Taiwan

This month, Taiwan’s legislature decided that indigenous (non-Chinese) people in Taiwan can present their names using only romanised letters. The will no longer need to use Chinese characters instead (or as well). Chinese characters no longer required for Taiwan Aborigine names | Pinyin News

I first picked up this story from Language Log » A crack in the hegemonic edifice of hanzi (upenn.edu)

Last year, Pinyin News reported that a candidate for the Indigenous constituency in Taiwan’s Legislature was pushing for just such a change. As part of that campaign, she had changed her name to ‘李我要單列族名我的布農族名字是Savungaz Valincinan’.  This translates as “Li I want to list my tribal name separately; my Bunun name is Savungaz Valincinan.” ‘My Bunun name is …’ | Pinyin News

The candidate was a member of the Bunun people. Their language is Bunun, an Austronesian language. Bunun language – Wikipedia

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