UnEnglish Anglicism

Anglicism of the year in German for 2019 was a phrase that is made of English words, but isn’t English at all. “for future”, created by Greta Thunberg. Laudatio zum Anglizismus des Jahres 2019: … for Future | Sprachlog As Anatol Stefanowitsch commented on Sprachlog, what makes this phrase sound so odd is the lack…… Continue reading UnEnglish Anglicism

Would this be a useful new word?

An editorial this Wednesday in The Times discussed the latest measures taken in England to counter the spread of COVID. It talks about ‘the public’s weariness with measures to contain the spread’. In this sentence, weariness is a noun derived from the adjective weary and it means tiredness. Reading this sentence, I wondered whether we…… Continue reading Would this be a useful new word?