Careless talk cost a goal

The introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) has led to a lot of discussion in many sports, particularly football. That is because VAR has slowed decisions down and hasn’t cut out  all referring errors. One particularly shocking example arose from poor communication between the on-field referee and the VAR team at a Premier League football…… Continue reading Careless talk cost a goal

English Grammar Day

I went along yesterday to an event at University College London (UCL) called English Grammar Day. This was the first time I have been, though it has been held for the last 10 years. The event seems to be aimed mainly at school teachers and academics. I give below summaries of the 6 talks, which…… Continue reading English Grammar Day

Fronted adverbials

Periodically, a debate breaks out in the British press about whether schools in England teach too much English grammar or too little English grammar. The trigger for the latest outpouring was an academic study suggesting that teaching grammar does not improve children’s writing. For some commentators, the phrase ‘fronted adverbials’ now exemplifies excessive focus on…… Continue reading Fronted adverbials